About us

Smart Data passionates

Recognizing the exponential growth of data from multiple sources, CaptaPlus has defined the simplification and democratization of the collection and access to data for objective in order to make their exploitation easy.
We believe that companies should focus on leveraging their knowledge to be more efficient and profitable.
We want to make sure that our customers take full advantage of our expertise.
CaptaPlus offers its customers the opportunity to listen to the song of their choice or even read its lyrics without investing in equipment or purchasing a complete album.


Access at any time to various data from a single point and in the same way.


The ability for any business to easily and effortlessly access data from multiple sources.

How can we help you ?

Thanks to us, your teams no longer have to wait for data access with business needs that can sometimes change during the process.
They will be able to immediately take advantage of the data collected through our solutions and use it to optimize their processes and decision-making focused on Data Intelligence.