Missions & values

Collecting Data for Intelligent Business Decisions

CaptaPlus collects and aggregates operational, technical and environmental data from field, manufacturing, process control, devices, Apps, IT systems or any other data sources.
We contextualizes it, and transforms it into actionable information, which is presented to authorized decision-maker on any system and device , anytime, at any location.

The data is stored in our Platform, so that users and critical systems can find what they need in one place for more efficient analytics, trending, and reporting. With the expertise of CaptaPlus, you free yourself from the task of creating and managing multiple data silos and OT and IT connectors. You will be able to manage all your data at a single secure location in order to easily integrate it with any systems, tools, devices and cloud applications.

Turning data into Accurate information

CaptaPlus lays the technology for real-time transforming data to structured and modeled information for accurate analysis and predictions.

Besides, it delivers smart visualization tools that allow you to identify areas for process optimization in real-time and improve overall your organization effectiveness, service levels, product quality, supply chain efficiency, etc.


Innovation is part of our DNA and day to day bread.


Facilitating Data Access

CaptaPlus maintains the collection and access to your data. In addition, our solutions allow access to previously inaccessible sources of the operational domain, systems, machines, equipment, IoT, etc.
CaptaPlus allows you to gain increased visibility of your data to facilitate faster decision making.

Storing & Scaling Data at Your Own Pace and Needs

CaptaPlus allows you to historize data beyond variabilité of collection processes, multiple data sources and provides the scalability to support the continued growth of added data.
Thus, you get complete control over your data acquisition and delivering the information you need.

Data Quality management

Focusing on the DQM

It’s not about the volume of data only, it’s the quality also. If you have better data, you make smart decisions. CaptaPlus combines both technical and operational data sources so customers can make more insightful decisions about its services, products, processes, facilities, and systems during their development and service life.